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The most common holiday dish is grilled turkey, which is served on tables all over the world for Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas in homes across Canada, the United States, and Europe. This is due to a rather practical cause. Turkey was the most accessible food without having a significant impact on the economy in the early 17th century when the Americas were being inhabited. When it came to surviving the severe winter, cattle and chickens were more valued if they were still laying eggs. Large, inexpensive to raise, and less expensive per pound than chicken, turkeys were the preferred Christmas dinner in Europe at the time.

Grilled Turkey Tips

How Big of a Turkey Should I Buy?

Generally speaking, this depends on how hungry everyone at your party is and how much leftover food you want (is it incorrect to presume that everyone wants Thanksgiving leftovers?). For turkeys, up to 16 pounds, a good general rule of thumb is to purchase 1 pound of turkey per person. You should aim for closer to 3/4 pounds per person for birds above 16 pounds. Remember to increase these amounts by 1/4 to 1/2 pound per person if you want leftovers.

A turkey between the weights of 12 and 16 pounds will be ideal for grilling, particularly when utilizing indirect heat on a charcoal grill. The turkey won’t cook directly on top of the hot coals, the drip pan will fit underneath, and the cover should close, which is necessary to control the heat.

How to choose a grill?

Picking up just any BBQ grill for sale is not recommended. Always ensure that you go for the best grill available in the market. The greatest grills will consistently produce succulent, seared foods that are crisp and delectable. This is especially true if you want to wow your guests at gatherings you host on your lawn.

But it can be difficult to choose the ideal grill for your delectable feasts with the wide variety of models available. Do you want a gas, electric, or pellet grill first? What practical features do you require? These days, grills can be found with storage, a colour touch-screen display, an induction cooktop, or even wi-fi connectivity. However, your budget will play a role in this. The greatest grills can range in price from $100 to over $1,000, so it’s important to think about your cooking requirements and if it would be a wise investment.

How to Keep Turkey from Drying Out?

By cooking your turkey for too long or at a high temperature, as with any technique of cooking, you run the risk of drying it out. Here are five fast suggestions for grilling a wet turkey.

Brine or Marinate: A nice brine or marinade is an excellent method to add moisture and flavor to the grilled turkey.

Add Fat: After removing the turkey from the brine or marinade and patting it dry, apply butter, olive oil, or even mayonnaise to the outside of the bird and even under the skin.

Basting: Basting is another excellent method for keeping a grilled turkey moist. Make 1-2 cups of additional marinade and use them to baste your turkey while it cooks because the drippings from a turkey on a grill could be hard to access or salvage.

Flip the Bird: Put that finger down, please. In such a situation, we don’t imply “flipping the bird.”

Let It Rest: Although your turkey smells amazing and everyone is hungry, you should resist the impulse to bite into it while it’s still hot from the grill. Instead, loosely tent the turkey with foil and allow it to rest on a carving board for 15 to 20 minutes before carving.

Wrapping it up!
In general, grilling is a terrific, healthy technique to prepare meat and poultry. Studies have demonstrated that grilling keeps specific nutrients like thiamine and riboflavin throughout the cooking process and calls for using less fat than other, more conventional preparation techniques.

To be more exact, grilling your turkey will allow you to use the space in your oven for other delectable side dishes. In addition, grilling can reduce cooking time by up to 45 minutes when compared to conventional oven roasting techniques, depending on the size of your turkey.