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Some items, like peas and carrots, just naturally go together. For instance, you have your Kick Ash Can and Kick Ash Basket. After that, there is BBQ and drinks. Nothing makes enjoying the two of these together sound more enjoyable! However, given the wide variety of beers available, it could be challenging to identify the precise one that will pair the best with your dinner. We’ll be your resource for pairing beer with barbecue!

Recommended BBQ and Beer Pairings

Maybe you already have the beer but are unsure about what to serve it with. We have a few suggestions for combining beer and barbecue. From the lightest to the darkest beers, let’s first examine the wide varieties of beer you may discover at a BBQ.

BBQ Burgers and Beer
We recommend a Pale Ale, IPA, or Pale Lager to pair with a succulently juicy burger. The traditional beef burger already covers a variety of flavor notes, including umami (meat), sour (pickles and mustard), salty (meat and cheese), and sweet (meat). But bitterness is one flavor that the burger is missing. It’s crucial to serve the burger with a bitter beer that has an equally powerful flavor. Therefore, Pale Ales and IPAs are good options. They frequently also have little citrus notes.

BBQ Beef and Beer

We take no chances when it comes to meat. We offer suggestions for all of your favorite steaks:

Steakburger: How about a tasty Smoked Porter if you are serving up a steakburger? It won’t overshadow the flavor of the meat but will wonderfully enhance it.

Top Sirloin: This rich cut pairs well with the fruity undertones of a Pale Ale.
Amber Ale and Prime Rib: These two foods frequently appear together. Sometimes marinades or homemade BBQ sauces that go with prime rib or short ribs contain sweet and rich Amber Ales.

Ribeye: The malt flavor cuts through the fattiness of the ribeye, while IPAs offer fruity overtones that contrast their harshness. IPAs are frequently used in ribeye marinades.

Filet Mignon: Light lagers often accentuate rather than mask the flavor of filet mignon.

BBQ Chicken and Beer
It is beneficial to combine a beer that is more subdued than overpowering with chicken because the flavor of chicken isn’t always overpowering. It’s also crucial to think about any sauces that will be served with your dish because they will participate in the flavor dance. We would suggest a beer made with crystal malts to go with a traditional grilled chicken breast with some BBQ sauce. These would be dark lagers, brown ales, and amber ales. Crystal malts have a flavor that is sweet and nutty and pairs well with BBQ.

You can frequently explore and play around with various flavors when BBQ grilling. Whether the flavor comes from the kind of wood you burn for fuel, flavors from the rubs or sauces you use, or flavors from the kind of meat you are cooking.

Why not try something new when it comes to beer pairings as well? Various pairings will bring out the meat’s various flavors. The flavor of your steak will alter significantly depending on whether you pair it with an American Pale Ale or a Porter, but both combinations are fantastic.

Try several various beer varieties with your mouthwatering barbecue. As you can see, you have a ton of excellent options to consider.