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Summer is coming to a sweet end and Fall will be upon us soon. It is the perfect time to go on a camping trip or a picnic, and enjoy yourself with your family and friends. And what sounds better than freshly grilled food in the outdoors, basking in the late summer sun and breathing in the rustic smell of Autumn?

You can do exactly that without the hassle of carrying a massive grill in your car trunk and invest in the new, easy-to-port BBQ grills which should become your gathering staple in the Fall of 2022 (and any other time you want some nicely seared burger patties!) Buy BBQ grills online to add life to your party and impress guests with your food. Kankay Grills have just the right option for you! There are four types of grills offered – Kankay, Atacama, Timbal, and Amara grills – each with its uniqueness and convenience.

Portable & Durable BBQ Grills

  • Kankay Grill 3.0
    Go for a 100% heavy-duty iron-made Kankay Grill 3.0 which can be completely disassembled for easy portability. It can be assembled again by following a few simple, no-brainer steps, and voila! You will have a BBQ grill ready in minutes, if not seconds!
  • The Atacama Grill
    The Atacama Grill is a dream come true for any barbeque lover. It is elegant, versatile, and durable. It is the most gorgeous grill you would ever see, with a triangular leg structure and a firepit hanging from the top intersection. Put in some coal in the firepit and get grilling! You will get an otherworldly experience with this one.
  • Amara Grill 3.0
    Amara grill 3.0 slightly bigger Argentinian-styled grill with 3 mm thick cast iron for the perfect sear and char. The bigger the better and still very easy to carry in your car’s trunk for long road trips and camping in the woods. Amara grills should be your holy grail for the vivacious and lively Australian outdoor lifestyle.

Each of these selections has its respective covers for safe storage and portability, which you can buy online from the Kankay Grills website. You can find other useful accessories too!

Easy to Handle and Transport BBQ Grills

Experience best quality and great design meant for easy handling and transporting. All Kankay grills and Amara grills are made with highly superior materials for durability and long life without compromising affordability. It is like an investment in your quality of life by simply making one purchase. Get the Argentinian flavors with the most beautifully cooked Asado in your backyard, or wherever the road takes you.

Portable Timbals

If you want a simpler structure that retains the strong and stable characteristics of other Kankay grills, Timbal is the one for you. Made with three removable legs of the best quality iron, an iron base, a drum with its own grill, and a Plancha, it is ideal for any outdoor cooking. The legs can be adjusted to achieve two different heights for convenience.

You do not want to miss out on the perfect grill with the right amount of charring and smokey flavor that can get with these products! Go online and treat yourself to the portable BBQ grills offered by Kankay Grills, choose the selection that suits you the best, and experience a hassle-free, heavenly-flavored food party with your loved ones!