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Australia’s BBQ cooking is as famous as its wildlife. It is a summer pastime for Australians, bringing great joy. Imagine enjoying your day on the beaches and cooking all kinds of assorted steaks on the barbeque. Is not it a peaceful thing? A light to the people with devastating mental health.

Yo! It is, people and even folk enjoy BBQ food. Though, the place also matters. Better you barbecue at a location with a great view. You will love it more. It does matter. In short, you must do BBQ on Kankay Amara BBQ grills with your loved one at a location with a great view. So, do you know what we are talking about? Know by reading this blog.

Best Place in Australia to Enjoy BBQ Cooking

BBQ is fun that no other thing can beat. Everyone enjoys barbecuing, but the enjoyment multiplies when done at a beautiful place. This blog lists the best places to visit in Australia where you will enjoy Barbecuing more. You will love it. So, go to these places for a memorable Aussie BBQ experience.

Swan River

There is no better way to kick off this list with Australia’s ephemeral river, the Swan River. This place is rich in natural attractions where there is no shortage of fun activities. Skiing, boating, and watersports are a few activities one can do there.

But when you go for a BBQ, why do you want to do other things? Enjoy BBQ by the waterside with a great view and picnic facilities and enchant yourself. Also, barbecuing while sailing down the river would be a great option.

Location: (Perth, Western Australia)

South Bank Parklands

Fantastic coastal views, beaches, and gardens are waiting in Brisbane. You can visit South Bank Parklands to relax with your family and enjoy BBQ food at a shaded picnic and BBQ facilities. Hiking facilities, watersports, and swimming are offered free at this place. Mainly, this place is for families willing to do barbecuing at a beautiful location.

Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Westgate Park

Get a stunning panoramic view of Melbourne and the Yarra river while enjoying BBQ with your friends and family. This place offers an extensive range of activities and wildlife. At Westgate Park, the picnic and barbeque areas are free of cost for shared use. Whenever you are confused about choosing a place for barbecuing, go to this place, it won’t disappoint you.

Location: (Port Melbourne, Victoria)

Centennial Parklands

Just a couple of minutes away from the central business district, Centennial Parklands could be a great place to check in for BBQ cooking. Don’t forget to bring your portable BBQ grills with your legs on since grass-sitting barbeques are not allowed there. You can get the best grills from Kankay grills that will be best for use at Centennial Parklands.

Location: Sydney, New South Wales

On the Final Note

Visit Swan River, South Bank Parklands, Westgate Park, or Centennial Parklands to enjoy BBQ cooking. These are the best places to visit in Australia that we shortlisted after deep research. Did we miss any beautiful places? Let us know so we can list them in this blog too. Enjoy BBQ with Amara grills.