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Argentina is a country full of traditions. Food is not just a meal but a celebration – and what better way to do that than barbecue? The nation is famous worldwide for its exceptional grilling techniques that bring out delicious juices from the meat and lend a rich, smoked flavour to the food. This feat is achieved by using open-style BBQ grills made from high-quality iron and the right amount of charcoal or wood.

The Argentine-Style of BBQ Grills

Anyone can cook over a stove or electric grills. But that can never exceed the pure thrill of cooking over an open flame right in your backyard or a campsite! BBQ grills are a tradition in Argentina. The most famous food preparation method in the country is Asado which is both a technique and a jubilant social event of having a barbecue.

The Argentine-style grill surface is made of thick cast iron accompanied by an open fire, lightened by red hot coal or wood gathered from local forested areas, instead of using propane. Using these two as fuel gives the perfect smoked flavour to the meat.
It has an adjustable height to allow precision in controlling and maintaining the desired temperature for grilling. This adjustable grate cooking surface has a slight slope to drain away any excess fat from the meat as it cooks, to keep the fat away from flame and otherwise cause a disaster.

Kankay Grills for the Perfect BBQ Experience Wherever You Go

Kankay Grills offer you four series of classic Argentine-style grills – Kankay, Amara, Atacama, and Timbal. Each series is built for the perfect Asado experience whenever and wherever you want it. All the BBQ grills are made with the finest materials – the best iron and high temperature-resistant paint – for longevity and durability.

Kankay Grills: Made of 100% heavy-duty iron, this grill can be completely disassembled for the convenience of portability. It is the perfect size for grilling in your garden or backyard!

Amara Grills: This Argentine-style grill has a 3 mm thick cast iron to give you the best sear and the right amount of charring on your meat. The flavours that grilling on this one will give you are indescribable.

Atacama Grills: Closer to a traditional grill in its style and elegance, the Atacama grill has a triangular leg structure and a firepit hanging from the top intersection.

Timbal Grills: Named after the drums that it resembles, the Timbal grill has a combination of simplicity and stability. It is easy to put together and pull apart and remains steady when assembled. It should be your go-to for any outdoor cooking.

Get Your Own Portable BBQ Grill Online Today

Do not worry about visiting Argentina to experience Asado, Kankay Grills will bring it to your doorstep instead! Visit the Kankay Grills website and order your ideal portable BBQ grill online today! Whichever series you choose, it will only give you the best. Carry your Argentine-style grill wherever you go and enjoy the utterly satisfying taste of perfectly smoked and charred meat.

Grilling for a party or just for yourself? Have only the best experience with the most delicious flavours with Kankay Grills’ authentic Argentinian grills!