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I kick this recipe off by caramelizing the bananas. Start with a hot cast iron skillet and toss in some butter. Throw the bananas and brown sugar in as the butter finishes melting. It’s important to stir this continuously, burning will happen fast otherwise. Once the brown sugar thickens and sticks to the bananas, pull them from the fire and remove them from the skillet. 

Up next for these Elvis Smash Burgers is the bacon. I placed my plancha over the fire to preheat. Once it was hot, I placed the bacon down to cook. This is another item I would recommend staying close by while it cooks. This is because bacon also cooks pretty quickly and no one wants burnt bacon on their burger. Flip the bacon as needed and remove from the skillet once the bacon is your desired level of cookness. 

All that’s left are the burgers. Place each burger around your skillet, leaving enough room for them to not touch each other after they’re smashed. Then, I shook some salt, pepper and garlic onto each burger while it began cooking. Shortly after seasoning the burgers I started smashing them. 
Smash Burgers pro tip: place some wax paper between your spatula and the patty. This will keep the ground meat from sticking to the spatula as you smash the burger patties. After smashing all the burgers, I flipped them and seasoned the other side of the patty with my salt, pepper and garlic blend again.