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Barbecuing is an art form that requires a certain amount of skill, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to cook food. You just put some meat on the grill, check on it once in a while, and wait for it to be done. Over the years, grilling equipment has evolved with new technologies to enhance the overall cooking experience and make the process more fun and less cumbersome. Traditional and Modern BBQ grilling equipment are extremely different now – everything from the tools and techniques to the final taste has changed. Some of the major differences are discussed below:

Heating it up: Charcoal, Propane, Gas, or Electricity?

A traditional barbecue grill is fueled by charcoal. It’s not hard to do, but it does require some planning. You’ll need to light the charcoal and keep it burning until you’re ready to cook your food. It is a lot of preparation involving fire starters, waiting for the right smoke point, and knowing when your grill is ready for use.

Modern barbecues, on the other hand, use gas or propane to fuel them. This is generally much easier to use and more convenient than charcoal, but it does require that you have access to a source of gas and an easy way to get it into your grill. Modern BBQ grilling has come up with some excellent technologies to use charcoal on the new grills without losing efficiency and speed of cooking but still maintaining the mouth-watering flavours of smoked charcoal.

The Cooking Surface Decides the Fate of the Food

The foremost step in cooking over a BBQ grill is to ensure that it is perfectly clean and spotless. Hygiene is just as important for cooking as the quality of your food.

When you use a traditional grill, you have to constantly scrape the metal grate clean. This can be difficult because it’s not smooth like modern grills and also because dirt sticks to the old-fashioned grate much more quickly. With a modern grill, there are no hard-to-clean parts like a metal grate or grates; instead, it has a Teflon surface that’s easier to maintain.

Ease of Operability: An Underrated Game Changer

Many people often overlook an essential factor in determining which grill is the best for them – how easy or difficult is it to operate the equipment. Spending tons of money on a piece of metal that wouldn’t even work properly sounds frustrating, right?

The modern grill is much easier to start than a traditional barbecue primarily because you don’t have to wait for the charcoal to heat up before using it. Instead, all you need to do is press a button and watch as your food cooks right in front of you. This makes it much more convenient when cooking large amounts of food at once.

Moreover, modern grills offer many other features that make cooking fun and easy: they come with sensors that detect when food has been cooked through, temperature settings to control how hot the food gets, etc. Some models even have built-in thermometers so users know exactly what temperature their meats are cooked at without having any extra equipment like special meat thermometers.

Cleaning After Cooking is just as Crucial as Cleaning Before

The longer you let your grill sit dirty and greasy, the faster it will depreciate. A BBQ grill is an investment you make for your lifestyle and letting avoidable factors affect your experience is not a good idea.
Using a charcoal grill is more than just cooking on top of coals. The ashes from your food will add flavour and make your food taste delicious, but they also have to go somewhere! You don’t want to be cleaning up after yourself all day long, so you should make sure that your grill can handle the job.

A Modern BBQ Grill does not encounter such problems and cleaning a non-stick surface is as simple as wiping a washed dish towel over the cooking platform. It is really just that easy!

Less Time in Kitchen and More Time with Your Delicious Food

Imagine having a family gathering after a very long time and instead of spending time sharing stories, you stand in front of your grill flipping the meat over. What a disappointment!

Modern barbecues cook food faster than traditional grills, so you get more time off from the kitchen. Traditional barbecue grills take longer to reach their perfect temperature and require more effort to use. Modern gas or electric smokers have a much more convenient design that makes them easier to use and clean.

With all of these advantages, you might think that modern barbecues are the way to go. But remember: barbecue isn’t just about convenience. It’s also a great way to bring family and friends together around a meal. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, cooking with charcoal can be a lot of fun—just make sure that you cook on concrete or tile so as not to spill any hot coals on any plants or grassy areas near your home!