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Picture this: a balmy summer evening in Australia, the sun dipping below the horizon, the tantalizing aroma of sizzling meat wafting through the air, and the soulful strains of blues guitar or the upbeat tunes of country music in the background. This is the perfect setting for an Australian BBQ party, where the time-honored traditions of grilling and music converge to create an unforgettable experience.

In this blog, we will explore the fascinating relationship between BBQ culture and music in Australia, highlighting songs, albums, and musicians who have been inspired by the smoky, savory world of grilling. So, prepare to stoke the coals of your grill, gather your friends and family, and tune in to the smoky soundtrack of BBQ culture Down Under.

1. Blues and BBQ: A Match Made in Australian Heaven

In Australia, just like in the United States, the blues and BBQ share a special connection. Blues music’s emotive and often heartfelt melodies are the perfect accompaniment to the slow-cooked, soul-soothing essence of BBQ. As the coals glow and the meat sizzles, the blues set the mood.

While Australian blues artists may not have the same recognition as their American counterparts, they’ve contributed to the rich blues tradition. Blues bands like The Bondi Cigars have made a name for themselves in the Australian blues scene, and their performances at BBQ gatherings and festivals add a distinct flavor to the grilling experience.

2. BBQ Anthems: Aussie Songs That Sizzle

Australians have their own set of BBQ anthems that celebrate the joy of grilling and the unique outdoor culture that BBQ embodies. These songs are like marinades for the ears, infusing the spirit of BBQ into the music.

One such anthem is “Down Under” by Men at Work. While not specifically about BBQ, this iconic Australian song captures the essence of the outdoor lifestyle. The lyrics mention a “vegemite sandwich,” but it’s easy to imagine substituting that with a delicious BBQ sausage.

Another Australian classic is “Tucker’s Daughter” by Ian Moss. Although not a BBQ song per se, the song’s upbeat tempo and catchy melody make it a perfect addition to any BBQ playlist. It embodies the spirit of Australian outdoor gatherings, where the grill plays a central role.

3. Rock ‘n’ Roll and BBQ: A Lively Combination

Australia has a vibrant rock ‘n’ roll culture, and just like in the United States, BBQ is often part of the rock scene. While songs explicitly about grilling may not be as common, BBQ imagery and references frequently appear in Australian rock music.

Consider “Great Southern Land” by Icehouse. While it may not be a BBQ song, the song’s lyrics describe the vast Australian landscape and the cultural experiences of the country. It’s a reminder that BBQ is not just about food; it’s also about celebrating the great outdoors and the Australian way of life.

4. Cooking Up Country: Australian BBQ in Country Music

Country music has a dedicated following in Australia, and it often celebrates the simple pleasures of life, making it a natural fit for BBQ culture. Many Australian country songs capture the essence of a good BBQ, embodying the down-home feeling of a backyard cookout.

“Never Never Land” by John Williamson is a quintessential Australian country song that embodies the BBQ spirit. The song’s lyrics and upbeat tempo capture the essence of a lively cookout, where friends and family come together to enjoy good food and good company.

5. BBQ and Hip-Hop: A Global Flavor

Even in the world of hip-hop, BBQ culture has a global presence, and Australia is no exception. While hip-hop may not be as synonymous with BBQ as other genres, there are hip-hop songs that celebrate the art of grilling and the lifestyle that often surrounds it.

“BBQ Sauce” by Hilltop Hoods is an Australian hip-hop track that celebrates the joys of a BBQ party. The song’s lyrics and upbeat rhythm capture the essence of a lively cookout, where friends come together to enjoy good food and good company.


In Australia, BBQ and music converge to create a unique cultural experience that resonates with people across the country. From the emotive sounds of the blues to the lively tunes of rock ‘n’ roll and the down-home vibes of country and hip-hop, BBQ culture has left an indelible mark on Australian music. So, the next time you fire up the grill in Australia, create a playlist inspired by these BBQ-infused tunes, and let the music enhance your grilling experience. After all, BBQ and music are two great tastes that taste great together Down Under!