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You have probably heard of Argentine grilling, also known as asado. It is a method of slowly cooking meat over an open fire in the ground and it’s one of the most well-known ways to prepare food in South America. When you are cooking this style of food on your charcoal BBQ grill, it is important that you do your research first so that the finished product is flavorful and juicy.

The most popular meats in Argentine grilling include beef, lamb and pork, but you can also find fish and chicken on the menu as well. Argentine grilling is usually done over an open flame or hot coals at a barbeque grill.

Basic equipment for Argentine grilling

A charcoal BBQ grill is essential. Kankay Grills offers you a variety of affordable portable barbecue grills that are perfect for the Argentine style of cooking your meat!

You will also need wood chips or chunks to add smoky flavor to your meat (the type of wood used depends on what kind of flavor you want). The best wood for the job is oak because it has high levels of sugar in its bark. This helps caramelize and char the meat while cooking it on an open flame.

A meat thermometer with an alarm is helpful for knowing when your food is cooked correctly. It is worth investing in a good quality thermometer. We recommend having two kinds: one which clips onto your cooking surface and another more traditional style where both ends are inserted into thick cuts like roasts or whole chickens since this allows more accurate readings.

How to build an Argentine-style fire

Building a fire is easy. All you need to do is stack up some wood in the center of the charcoal BBQ grill, and light it. You can use a lighter or matches to get things started, but when it comes time to add more wood, we recommend using a shovel.
The best kinds of wood for grilling are winery-salvaged barrels and branches from thorny bushes like mesquite trees.

The key steps in Argentine grilling

The 3 main steps for Argentine grilling are:

Preparing the grill: First, you will want to clean out any ashes or debris from your grill before you start cooking. Then, rub some sort of oil onto the surface before turning it on high heat and letting it get smoking hot. This way, when you put on your meat later on, it won’t stick to the metal.

Season your meat: Before putting any meat on top of a flame-heated surface, it is important that you season it well with salt and pepper so that its flavor is not overpowered by the smoke and fire below (which can happen very quickly). You should also pat dry any excess moisture off before putting anything down there; otherwise, this will make everything come out super dry instead! Don’t forget about marinating either – that helps too!

Grilling your meat: Finally, you will want to put your meat on top of the grill and wait for it to cook through before flipping it over so that both sides cook evenly. You should use an oven thermometer if you want a more precise measurement of how done your food is.

You can attempt Argentine grilling with these fundamentals in your mind. It is not difficult, all you need is a good charcoal BBQ grill and high quality meat!

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