Fire grill


This portable and completely detachable grill made of 100% heavy-duty iron is the barbecue you need to create those moments, experiences, and unforgettable wood-fired flavors. Perfect for use camping, tailgating, backyard barbecuing, and as a mobile grill wherever the road takes you.

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Built-in stove made of 1/8 inches carbon steel sheet, joints made by laser cutting, a pragmatic element to cook ribs on the flame, used as a barbecue or simply gather around with friends and family. Modern and strong design, easy to assemble, and with the versatility of being able to carry it out or just store it in small places.

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Weigh: 80 pounds / 36kg

Length: 30 inch / 750 mm

Width: 18 inch / 450 mm

Thick Iron 3.3mm

Two height measurements

Detachable screw feet





Wood table

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Dimensions 22 × 22 × 12 in

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