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Grilling is more than just a cooking method in Argentina; it’s a cherished cultural tradition known as the “asado.” The Argentinian style of grilling is renowned worldwide for its unique flavors and techniques. At the heart of this culinary art form lies the iconic Argentinian style grill, or parrilla. In this blog post, we will delve into the art of the asado, exploring the key features and characteristics of the best Argentinian style grills.

Characteristics of the best Argentinian style grills

The Essence of Argentinian Grilling:
The asado is more than just a meal; it’s a social event that brings family and friends together. The Argentinian grill in Australia plays a central role in this gathering, providing the perfect platform for cooking succulent meats and creating an unforgettable experience. The asado is characterized by slow cooking over an open flame, allowing the flavors to develop gradually and infuse into the meat.

The Anatomy of an Argentinian Style Grill:
a) Parrilla Structure: The parrilla typically consists of a rectangular metal frame with an adjustable grill grate. It is designed to be placed above the fire source, allowing for precise control of the cooking temperature.

b) V-shaped Grates: One distinctive feature of the Argentinian grill is its V-shaped grates. These grates help to drain excess fat and juices away from the meat, preventing flare-ups and producing deliciously seared, evenly cooked steaks.

c) Adjustable Height: Another key aspect of the Argentinian style grill is its adjustable height mechanism. This allows the grill master to raise or lower the grill grate to control the distance between the meat and the heat source, achieving the desired level of doneness.

Fueling the Fire:
a) Wood and Charcoal: Authentic Argentinian grilling relies on a combination of hardwood and charcoal. Hardwood, such as oak or mesquite, is used to build a robust fire that provides smoky flavor and consistent heat. Charcoal is added to maintain the fire’s intensity and longevity.

b) Flavor-Enhancing Smoke: The choice of wood used in the Argentinian grill in Australia contributes to the unique smoky flavor of the asado. Different types of wood can impart distinct flavors, allowing grill enthusiasts to experiment and personalize their grilling experience.

The Art of Grilling:
a) Slow and Steady: The essence of the Argentinian style grill lies in its slow and steady cooking approach. Patience is key as the meats are cooked low and slow, resulting in tender, juicy, and flavor-packed dishes.

b) Traditional Cuts: The asado showcases traditional cuts of meat like beef ribs, short ribs, flank steak, and chorizo sausages. These cuts are marinated or seasoned with simple yet flavorful ingredients like salt, pepper, and chimichurri sauce.

c) Social Experience: The asado is not just about the food; it’s a celebration of community and togetherness. It’s common for guests to gather around the grill, sharing stories, sipping wine, and eagerly awaiting the perfectly cooked meats.

The Argentinian style grill, with its distinctive features and the art of the asado, embodies a culinary tradition that goes beyond mere cooking. It represents a cultural heritage and a way of life. The combination of wood, fire, and expert grilling techniques produces unparalleled flavors and memorable experiences.

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