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Summer is the best season for harnessing the flavor of fire. The universally craveable smoky flavor is all you need from grilling. When summer is in full swing, folks who only cook for one season clean their weapon called grill. Some of them have a scientific and structured approach to grilling.

On the other hand, many think that grilling is all about buying a steak and lighting up a fire. However, it is more than that. Those who have been to enough cookouts master the ability to recognize warning signs of tough or even dangerous meat to come. You guess it right. Yes, Kankay’s team is one of them. Here are some Common Mistakes Grilling on Charcoal. Keep reading.

Charcoal grilling mistakes to avoid

Grilling on charcoal is a different experience you will never get on the gas. Not everyone knows how to grill on charcoal. Thus, it is usual to make some mistakes. From novice to master, these are some Common Mistakes everyone makes while Grilling on Charcoal.

Using Lighter Fluid:
Which is the lengthiest process of the charcoal grilling process? It is readying the coals. Use the lighter fluid and finish the mundane work in a few minutes. But it is not the right way. The lighter fluid may end up flavoring your food. Using a chimney starter to light the coals is the best way possible. Though it depends on the number of coals, you may need to set aside 15-20 minutes to heat your coals.

Not Preheating the Grill:
You might think the grill is hot. It is time for cooking, but it’s NOT. You might feel infrared heat on your hand when holding it above the grill. In actuality, the grill is relatively cold. And your food will not get the conductive heat. Instead of picking up attractive grill marks and releasing them quickly, it will stick to the metal. Your food will tear and shred. In short, Preheating the Grill is crucial.

Awesome Looking Flames:
The awesome-looking flames will make tasty meat – NEVER!!! When engulfing, you may leave sooty and nasty-tasting deposits on its surface. In short, minor flare-ups are OK. However, the fire may lick your steak before you do it this way! You can prevent big fire by trimming off excess fat since fat dripping is responsible for flare-ups usually. But you might don’t want to remove fat. So, move the meat off of the hot side.

Do Not Ignore Vents:
A large flame versus those little fiddly things. Do they have any effect? A big Yes. You can control the heat and oxygen flow within your charcoal grill. Adjust the position of the vents. This way, you can adjust the heat generated inside the grill. You can cook ribs, chicken, or brisket low and slow by keeping those vents closed. Keep them open to encourage heat. Make sure you don’t have to let the flame lick your steak!

Adding Barbecue Sauce Early:
Multiple layers of Barbecue Sauce will not give anything more flavor. Instead, it will start to burn and turns acrid before you finish cooking your meat. May your guest sheepishly scrape off blackened soot from the chicken to cover up bitterness. However, the bitter taste will never go away. It will stay all night long.


On the Final Note-

The list of Common Mistakes Grilling on Charcoal is endless. You can find the key points above and avoid those most common mistakes. However, if you want to make those mistakes, you might need a good charcoal grill! Find top-notch quality grills at Kankay Grills at an affordable price.